Arab-Iranians Ignored

Discussions centred on the many ethnic groups in, or related to, Iran--Kurds, Azaris, Baluchies etc.
بحث و گفتگو در مورد قومیت ها-کردها ، آذری ، بلوچ و غیره
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Arab-Iranians Ignored

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Recently, I came across a piece that stated that many Iranians do not even know that there are Arabs in Iran!
While this may be hard to believe, one can never under-estimate the ignorance of a populace! Witness Americans'!

The province of Khuzestan is a clear example of an area, in Iran, in which there are large numbers of Arab-Iranians. As such, protest slogans such as, "We are Aryans, we don't worship Arabs," are unsettling. While I do agree that the word Aryan is not the racialized term used in the West, but that it is historical & national ('Iran' means the land of Aryans, and is said to be the original name of the country); and that "worship Arabs" refers to the Islamic idolatry of various imams who are said to have lived in ancient Iraq/Arabia; such a slogan is, at best, divisive! Much as its target is the theocracy, using euphemisms for icons of the regime (e.g. saying 'dictator' instead of explicitly naming 'Khamenei'), its listeners include fellow Iranians who will feel unjustly threatened.

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