Religious Studies in a Secular State's Schools

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Religious Studies in a Secular State's Schools

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In seconday schools, will there be an objective study of religions, as a whole? There must!

Post-overthrow, most pupils in secondary schools will resent being subjected to even an insipid study of Islam, let alone being taught the religion. Zoroastrianism, being the indigenous religion, may be looked upon favourably; but, in a secular state, there can, at most, be only a dispassionate study of religions as a whole, supported by only scientific research. And, to avoid history repeating itself, there _must_ be such a course.

How will this be brought about, in the face of the 1978 generation still being alive, and so much of the older population still being mired in religious faith? The constitution is that answer. Not the parents' say, not popular votes, but rights and a strictly secular constitution ensure so.

Note that, at this stage, secularism (whose word is used directly from English, not using a Persian translation) is defined, for the audience, as separation of religion and governance. A frequent illustration cited is that the government will not interfere in religion, and religion will not interfere in governance. But, this is inaccurate! Everything is subject to the secular constitution! There must be no parallel institutions among religious communities! No Sharia courts, no religious schooling, and no marriage of minors. Women's rights and children's right supersede!

In a secular state, morals are secular!


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